Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

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bach·e·lor par·ty
noun: bachelor party; plural noun: bachelor parties; noun: bachelorette party; plural noun: bachelorette parties
1. a party given for a man (or woman) who is about to get married, typically attended by men (or women) only.

This Friday marks the beginning of our joint bachelor/bachelorette parties. We decided to join the two parties since a lot of our wedding party and friends are people we met while we have been dating. It made sense to us to combine it into one mega party! The destination of choice?–New Orleans, or ‘nawlins, rather. We have both been before so we know what to expect, but I am pretty pumped for the people in our group who have never been. It isn’t really something you can easily explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it themselves. We intend to make a weekend of it. I’m sure some…

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