Chloe, Thongs and Perfect Pole Tricks

Make your bachelor / birthday party a memorable one with a hot sexy stripper.

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I’m going to take it back to the very first ‘stripping’ experience, it was in Sydney, Kings Cross to be exact, (I can feel the eyes rolling from the Australian readers), for you people who don’t know about Kings Cross, it’s famously known for its Strip clubs, brothels, drug users and abusers and a fucking wild night out, all of it lives up to its standards. It’s a typical British night out, girls asleep in doorways, boys pissing wherever they feel looks like it could do with a coating of urine, junkies fighting and begging for a dollar, hookers hustling outside on the streets, girls unable to walk in their kitten heels (kitten heels seem to be a thing out here *VOM*), boys hanging from signs or pestering a girl whose clearly 10 years their junior, but no nakedness, they lack in naked people running about everywhere. It’s just busy…

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